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Increasingly, the kitchen is at the heart of the home - not only used for cooking, but also for socialising and relaxing in. In larger kitchens especially, the room can be used for everything from cooking, cleaning, ironing, board games, eating, studying, reading and even watching television. Properties designed and built today, as well as extended - place massive importance of kitchen spaces, making them bigger and better than ever before.

An increasingly important part of any kitchen space, is how the kitchen is lit - and as such, we receive many enquiries and orders from customers looking to kit out their kitchen - either adding the lighting in as part of a wider refurbishment, or just an upgrade. Unlike many other rooms in the home, there are many different types of kitchen lighting - all of which needs to perform different, specific tasks - luckily, most of these tasks can be met and exceeded with just a couple of different types of lighting.

The first type of kitchen lighting we will look at, is ambient kitchen lighting. This is by far in our opinion, the most important type of kitchen lighting. As well as ensuring that things can be seen in the kitchen - ambient lighting can draw attention to specific designs and features of your kitchen. Recessed downlights for example, can show off and draw attention to the most stunning granite, whilst wall lights can illuminate certain areas such as display cabinets within the room. Lighting can either be bright, or soft - creating a warm, inviting glow.

Ambient lighting has a lot of crossover with accent lighting, which is lighting designed to draw attention to specific parts of the kitchen. Accent lighting is typically spotlights, which can highlight everything from the family china, across to shining on a picture or shelf.

The next type of lighting in the kitchen, is task specific lighting - which makes cooking and cleaning infinitely easier. The main areas in which task lighting is required, is above the cooker and worktops - as well as above the sink area. As well as being used during specific tasks, this type of lighting can also be used independently to provide a softer lighting across the kitchen space.

Lastly, at Love Lights we know that not all lighting needs to be task specific - and that’s why we recommend the inclusion of some designer kitchen lighting in the form of pendant lighting - contemporary pendant lights look fantastic in modern and new kitchen spaces, with an infinite array of designs being available.

Above, you can find our full range of kitchen lighting - so feel free to browse the range and get in touch if you have any questions.