Top 3 Ways to Update Your Bathroom

After a long, hard day there is simply nothing better than locking yourself away in the bathroom, and having a nice relaxing bath right? Of course having a room you enjoy spending time in is important which is why we want to share some bathroom updating tips, to make it feel like a bit more like your own little spa.


Crisp, white bath

When it comes to bathroom furniture we think that it should all be bright and white. Having a completely white bath just gives off that instant feeling of clean before even running the water and adding the bubbles, so if you have an old fashioned blue or any other colour ditch it! If you want a splash of colour, make sure to add it in with accessories not with the colour of your actual bath!

Shine a light

Of course the lighting in a bathroom is important; it should be bright and inviting. You should definitely add in an illuminated mirror – they give off the perfect lighting for men trimming facial hair and women to put their make-up on in. Having flush spotlights in the ceiling is often a popular choice too; they really make your bathroom look that bit more expensive! They give off a great deal of light, plus choosing LED spotlights will save energy too.

Soft new furnishings

After a while your bath and toilet mats can start to look a bit shabby so make sure to give these a change too. You can find so many bold colours and patterns as well as subtle ones too, depending on your interior design taste. There is nothing better than buying a fresh towel to hang up in there too, it makes getting out of a lovely warm bath that little more enticing!


Let us know your top tips for updating your bathroom in the comments below.


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