The Benefits of Switching to Low Energy Lighting

Low energy light bulbs have become increasingly more popular over recent years in homes, offices and just about every other setting. But just why are they proving so popular lately and what benefits do they have? In this post Love Lights take a look at the beneficial properties installing low energy lighting in your home can have.


Long Lasting Life – Compared to a normal light bulb, LED lighting lasts up to 60,000 hours, that’s roughly 20 years! Also they’re pretty stylish LED lights, and give off a much nicer colour that a typical light bulb.


Astros 0953 Naxos Led Wall Light – £118.62


Reliability – As you can imagine, thanks to the long life span and the much lower power usage low energy lighting/LED bulbs are much more reliable for your house, which results in less need to change them, so you can forget about having to have a spare lying around.


Much More Environmentally Friendly – Again with a longer life span, it mean less light bulbs being thrown out. Also, compared to regular light bulbs LED lighting uses 80% less energy which massively reduces any homes’ carbon footprint, and that’s just replacing one bulb, imagine the impact replacing all the bulbs in your home with low energy ones would be like.


No Heat/Lower Voltage – Ever touched a light bulb that’s been on a while? Ouch! Another benefit of LED lights is they give off no heat as there is a lot less energy is running through the bulb. This makes it both safer to touch whilst changing a bulb AND they ideal for homes with children, the safer the better!


Easy to Install – The low energy usage makes LED lights much easier to install, you don’t even need to really cut the power when doing it, although we’d still recommend it!
If you haven’t switched to low energy lighting yet we suggest you do asap! It’s cutting your energy costs massively over the year, its safer and you don’t need to spend as much on bulb.
Here at Love Light we have a large range of low energy lighting, so why not check it out and find your perfect stylish design for your home?

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