May 2015

Top 3 Ways to Update Your Bathroom

After a long, hard day there is simply nothing better than locking yourself away in the bathroom, and having a nice relaxing bath right? Of course having a room you enjoy spending time in is important which is why we want to share some bathroom updating tips, to make it feel like a bit more like your own little spa.   Crisp, white bath When it comes to bathroom furniture we think that it should all be bright and white. Having a completely white bath just gives off that instant... Read More

The Benefits of Switching to Low Energy Lighting

Low energy light bulbs have become increasingly more popular over recent years in homes, offices and just about every other setting. But just why are they proving so popular lately and what benefits do they have? In this post Love Lights take a look at the beneficial properties installing low energy lighting in your home can have.   Long Lasting Life – Compared to a normal light bulb, LED lighting lasts up to 60,000 hours, that’s roughly 20 years! Also they’re pretty stylish LED lights, and give off a much... Read More

Best Bedroom Lighting

When it comes to choosing lighting, you want to be sure you are choosing a suitable style to fit the room you are decorating. With bedroom lighting you are able to opt for more styles than most rooms as it is all down to personal choice and what you want the look and feel to your room to be like.   Dim the lights As it is the room that you will go in to relax after a hard day at work and of course to get some beauty sleep,... Read More


Garden Ready for Spring

With spring here and summer now within sight, it means BBQ season and garden party time is right around the corner! Right now is the perfect time to make sure your outdoor space is ready with the right furniture to make your house the place to host these activities! We have put together a must have list to make it easier:   Patio heater No matter what season we are in, the weather can often be a bit more unpredictable than we hope for! A patio heater is a must... Read More